Dronze is about chatbots meant to make team based DevOps better every day.

We believe that bot based automation can make DevOps easier and more fun. At dronze we are trying to make teamware based intelligent agents that learn from you and are eager to help. In a sense they are a reflection of you and work tirelessly to help you do your job better.

Slack based chat ops.

Slack is the place your team goes to get things done. Since your dronzebot is part of your team it deserves to be there too. This gives you the power to interact with your entire DevOps environment as though it was a member of your team.

Your bot learns. You learn from your bot.

At dronze, we believe that gaining insights on what works and what doesn't should be easy. As you interact with your dronzebot it records its activities and records what you think works and what doesn't. Actually, its how your robot learns. This "learning journal" then becomes valuable information you can use to report and communicate with others.

It is a doer.

Our philosiphy at Dronze is that once your bot has learned how you work you should be able to have it do anything you need in your operations. That's why we have seperated learning from doing. That means that anything that can be automated by an API can become actions taken your dronzebot, and we have made it easy to create custom Docker based "doers" with our APIs and cookbooks.