Bots that become your new DevOps team member.

What if you could have a new team member that could help you tirelessly, learning from your expertise, a sentinel who has your back and can act as your personal DevOps assistant. Dronze robots allow you to automate your DevOps activities with nothing more than conversations.

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It is on the team.

Your dronzebot is a slack bot user that is available to the entire team. Once your dronze robot has joined it can start helping you and your team immediately to gain insights and take actions on your behalf.

It learns from you.

Every dronzebot is built on top of best of breed artificial intelligence technology in deep learning and natural language processing to learn from your actions, communication, and activities.

It is part of your entire environment.

We have empowered your dronzebot to take actions on your behalf in all the environments that you use every day using the power of conversation. We made it easy for your bot to integrate and operate in your world, and our list of supported integrations is growing.